9 Weight Loss Tips for Brides!


What is up iDo Brides?! All this Olympic coverage got me in the mood to workout and talk about weight loss tips for brides!  I’m not an Olympian by any means but boy are they inspiring!  Go USA.  Moving on… Even if you’re not gearing up for the big day I’m hoping my quick tips will … Continue reading

Real Bride Feature: Jennie’s rustic DIY wedding


Today on the blog we’re talking to real bride Jennie.  I thought it would be fun to talk with some of our iDo brides and get a fresh perspective on DIY wedding planning since they’ve totally been there-done that.  Once the dust has settled from the wedding, I feel as though you have the time … Continue reading

Pick your wedding colors at the hardware store!

Color Square

Choosing your wedding colors in a way that won’t make your fiance run in the other direction.    That’s what were talking about today. I’m going to share with you a little tip that has proven itself extremely useful over and over again in my wedding planning process.  It has to do with choosing and … Continue reading

Inspiration in the Unexpected: Decorating on the Cheap

Flower pot

What’s up iDo’ers?  I know that you’re having a wonderful day today and to make it even more wonderful I’m sharing what I think is a super exciting idea with you.  Today we’re talking about finding wedding decor in unexpected places.  Thinking outside the box is a great way to find some unique ideas and … Continue reading

Budget Quickie: Do it Together!


Don’t cringe.  Budgeting is fun!  Especially when you’re talking about budgeting for the biggest day of your lives thus far!  Budgeting for parties is way more fun than budgeting for the fiscal year at your cubicle job.  Believe me, I know.  Today I’m sharing a few quickie budgeting tips that will hopefully be helpful to … Continue reading