9 Weight Loss Tips for Brides!

What is up iDo Brides?! All this Olympic coverage got me in the mood to workout and talk about weight loss tips for brides!  I’m not an Olympian by any means but boy are they inspiring!  Go USA.  Moving on…

Even if you’re not gearing up for the big day I’m hoping my quick tips will help you look and feel your best.  If you have any personal tips to share please do so.  Us brides are always looking for ways to slim down and shape up.  These things have been working for me and I think they will work for your too.

1.  Start.  Start now!  Sounds obvious right?  I was the girl who always said, “the minute I get engaged I’m hitting the gym hard core!”  HA!  I’ve been engaged since last October and just recently started hitting the gym.  I’m glad I started when I did but DANG….I really wish I would have started many months ago.  I don’t really know any bigger reason to get into great shape but it just didn’t click with me until recently.  I will have made considerable progress by the big day (October) but not the kind of progress I could have see had I started way back…in 2011!  I don’t care if your ten months away from the big day or ten days.  Start something.  Even the smallest changes will help.  Start slow and ease into it.  The key is just to start!  Well…after you’re done reading this post of course.

2.  Hydrate.  With water only.  If you replaced all your beverages you drink on a daily basis with water then you’d lose weight.  Guaranteed!  I used to be a Diet Coke addict and have since cut out soda (or POP if your from da North).  It was really difficult at first but I feel so much better.  In fact, my last Diet coke was April 28, 2012.  Your body needs water to function and if you’re losing weight and shedding pounds your body needs water to help those processes along.  Don’t bother with sports drinks or vitamin drinks.  You need water.  If you want some electrolytes after a workout you can purchase Smart Water which has some added.

weight loss tips for brides

3.  Stop drinking alcohol.  Really.  This was possibly the hardest thing for me to overcome once I got on the bride-diet bandwagon.  Not too long ago I’d relax after a hard day with a glass or three of my favorite wine.  Sometimes I’d even have a beer or two.  After work…on a weekday…by myself.  Does that mean I need a 12-step program?  Maybe.  Anyway, I stopped drinking alcohol.  All of it.  I haven’t had more then three sips of wine over the past few months.  Weight started  dropping pretty quickly.  I didn’t realize how many calories/carbs were in the beer and wine I was drinking!  And don’t even think about ordering a sugary pina colada or a margarita when you hit happy hour this Friday!  Alcohol turns to sugar in your body and excess sugar turns to fat.  It also leads to major water retention.  I’m not saying you can’t have a glass of wine or something at your bachlorette party but you will feel it and see it on the scale for the next several days.  If you’re serious then you can do without for the duration.

4.  Cut carbohydrates.  I’m not saying that you need to get all ‘”Atkins Diet” on me and start devouring bacon at every meal but I am telling you that cutting your carbohydrates will help you lose weight faster.  Carbohydrates do not build muscle fiber-protein does.  Carbohydrates, like alcohol turn into sugar in the body.  Excess sugar turns into fat.  The carbohydrates that I’m talking about are:  rice (any kind/color), bread (even whole wheat), potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay in moderation), noodles (even whole wheat), cereals (so sugary!), pretzels, chips, crackers, granola bars, etc.  Those are the major offenders but carbs are hiding in lots of things.  I know you’re thinking, “I can’t give up noodles” or “brown rice is okay” but I’m telling you-your body doesn’t need it to thrive.  Your body does need carbohydrates to function but those carbohydrates should be consumed in the form of vegetables and fruits.  Yes-there are carbs in veggies and fruits.  Cut back on processed carbs over the course of a week and you’ll be surprised once you step on the scale!

weight loss tips for brides

5.  Eat food without nutrition labels.  The best food for your doesn’t have a complicated nutrition label full of ingredients stuck on the back of it.  Think about it.  Does a cucumber or head of lettuce have a nutrition label?  No!  Those are the best foods you can eat!  I promise you will not get fat eating vegetables and fruit.  Unless of course those vegetables happen to be deep fried and dipped in ranch dressing!  Eat these label-free foods raw or as close to raw as you can.  Get creative with your cooking methods and avoid using lots of oils, butters, batters, etc.  You might be surprised how much you enjoy plain vegetables.  Our mainstream foods have so many chemicals, additives and who knows what in them that it’s hard to safely navigate the grocery store.  Make it easy on yourself and eat things without labels.

6.  Eat green vegetables with every meal.  Even breakfast.  Green vegetables are the life-giving miracle that will get you slimmer and glowing before the big day.  I grew up on potatoes and steak.  I rarely had something green on my plate and if I did it was probably green bean casserole.  Yes, there are green beans in there but they are covered in a fattening cream sauce with fried onions on top.  That does not count!  Starting your day with green vegetables is a great way to get your system running and metabolism soaring.  Draw an imaginary (or real) line on your dinner plate and fill at least half your plate with greens.  If you’re super serious fill 3/4 with greens and the other 1/4 with lean protein.  A great breakfast option to get some greens in is a quick egg white scramble with added spinach.  Wilt your spinach in a small pan with a little water then pour in some egg whites.  Get crazy and toss in some other greens like bell peppers or tomatoes (not green but still a veggie-or is it a fruit-oh whatever!).  Scramble it up and enjoy.  Lunch can be a salad with grilled chicken. Dinner can be steamed broccoli and broiled fish.  Greens with every single meal.  Salads dripping in ranch dressing with croutons and shredded cheese does not count.

weight loss tips for brides

7.  Lift weight to lose weight.  Girls, you will NOT turn into she-man or some crazy body builder from simply lifting weights a few times a week.  And you can lift heavy weights!  You will NOT bulk up.  You do not need to spend hours on the treadmill running or on the elliptical ellipticalling (?).  Get off the cardio machine and head to the weight room.  I’m talking about that part of your gym with all the grunting guys checking themselves out in the mirror.  Yeah, that part.  Walk in there, pick up some 5 or 8 pound dumbbells and lift them over your head.  Repeat 10 times.  Then do some side raises, bicep curls and (gasp!) push-ups!  If you’re wearing a strapless dress like me then you want shapely arms/shoulders so badly!   Great legs won’t hurt either so do some squats and lunges too.  And don’t worry about the other guys in the weight room area.  They are obviously too busy drooling over their own biceps to even notice that you’re there.  Cardio is great to mix in but lifting weights will create more muscle mass in your body.  Muscles burn more calories even when you’re at rest (i.e. sleeping) and they will keep your metabolism revved up like a football player on prom night!  Lifting is a great way to feel strong, sexy and confident.  Back away from the treadmill…  If you don’t have a gym you can use your own body weight as resistance or splurge a little and purchase some inexpensive weights from a sporting goods store or score some on Craigslist.

weight loss tips for brides

8.  Sweat everyday.  Sweat is your body’s way of not only shedding pounds but cleansing and detoxing.  Toxins, heavy metals, chemicals you’ve been exposed to, all flow through your lymph system.  Your lymph nodes are flushed when you sweat.  Sweating is good for you!  You should definitely be sweating by the end of your warm up-so push yourself!  I’m not a big sweater so I really have to get my heart pumping before I start sweating.  But once I start I continue to sweat throughout the workout as long as I’m pushing myself.  Even on your “off-days” do something that gets your heart rate up and causes you to sweat for at least 30 minutes.  You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to take that time out for yourself and sweat.  Daily.  I can 100% promise that you will not regret getting in a sweat session.

9.  Get your peeps involved!  Working out and reaching a fitness/weight loss goal is 10 times easier when you have others to rely on.  Share with your girls/groom/parents/boss/who ever that you’re starting a workout and healthy eating regiment.  The more people that know the more you’ll feel the pressure to stick with it.  Those same people may also be interested in working out with you.  Working out with your fiance would be a great way to bond and blow off the steam from the hectic work day or stressful wedding planning.  Chances are-he thinks getting healthier is important too.  Having your closes companions on board with you makes it so much easier.  Instead of hitting up happy hour with your bridesmaids try a workout class or go for a walk.  Lately, my bridesmaid and a couple other pals have been doing a trampoline class at a local gym.  So much fun and the workout is over before we know it.  This is so much better for us then meeting up for $2 domestic beer night at the local bar.  Tell others and involve others as much as possible.

weight loss tips for brides

Brides-I hope you found these weight loss tips for brides helpful and inspiring.  I want you to know that you can get healthy and shed some unwanted pounds if you start making some of the changes I listed above.  You really just have to make a vow to yourself.  Your wedding vows will be something you’ll stick to so make a vow to yourself to start living a healthier lifestyle asap!  The healthier you are the more fun your life will be and the more days on Earth you’ll get to spend with your future spouse.  That’s way more important than eating crappy food and drinking too much.  Every bite counts from now until the wedding and beyond.  What you put into your body will either get you closer or farther away from your goal.  Make more progress than not.  You will look and feel stunning on your big day and beyond!

If you have some weight loss tips for brides (nothing like crazy starvation or that cookie diet I’ve heard about) that you’d like to share with us please let us know in the comments below.  Feel free to share this blog post if you think it might inspire someone you know to start getting healthy!



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