Pick your wedding colors at the hardware store!

Choosing your wedding colors in a way that won’t make your fiance run in the other direction.  :)   That’s what were talking about today.

I’m going to share with you a little tip that has proven itself extremely useful over and over again in my wedding planning process.  It has to do with choosing and building upon your choice wedding color scheme for your big day.  Having a color scheme for your wedding is a great jumping off point when it comes to the overall look and design of the event.  Having one to three (maybe up to five colors if done well) colors helps give your wedding a stylish congruent feel from start to finish.  Your color scheme can show up in your invitation suite, bridesmaids dresses/shoes, groomsmen ties/pocket squares, bouquets/florals, table linens, the list goes on and on.  Anywhere you want a pop of color your color scheme will rear its beautiful, vibrant face!

So how do you choose your wedding colors?  Unless you really are having an Independence Day themed wedding (red, white & blue!) then you have some thinking to do.  Ask yourself a few of these questions and take a few notes:

  • When you gloss through wedding magazines what colors immediately catch your eye?
  • Do you have a favorite color?  Does your groom?  Would those colors work in the style wedding you’re planning?
  • What colors stand out as you peruse through Pinterest?
  • Have you been in or attended any weddings with colors that drew you in?

Remember…this is a wedding.  Your only wedding.  The same wedding that your grandchildren will see photos of in 40 years.  If you’re favorite color is day glow orange maybe that’s not the color to base your wedding around.  Thing long term here.  When in doubt, leave it out!  Find other ways to sneak in that rad color.  Like your garter or theme your bridal shower decor around that funky color.  Plus…my favorite color seems to be ever changing.  I know that my favorite color a few years ago (tourquois) is no longer my favorite color now (blue, green, I don’t even know).

Okay…now that you have a few colors in mind head to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s or WalMart.  Just find a store that sells wall paint.  Yes, you heard me right.  Take your hubby-to-be with you too.  Just don’t tell him it’s for choosing wedding colors.  :)

Go in and find the paint section.  If you’re like me and my fiance and 98.7% of your household income gets spent at stores like these then you probably already know where it is.  Take a look at the wall of paint chips.  These are the little chips that you can take home with you to get an idea about what your living  room will look like when you paint it that color.  Because a one inch by one inch square of paint will really give you the perspective of what your gigantic living room will look like in that color….not.

Now think back to your answers to those questions that you asked yourself earlier.  Start grabbing a few of the corresponding paint chips in those colors.  The neat thing about paint chips is that they usually feature a few shades of the color that you’re interested in.  If one of your colors is green your little chip sample might look something like this:

Look at all those green options!  And don’t you just love the names they come up with?  Pretty sure Rolling Hills is my fave.

Pick up a few paint chips and hold them in your hand.  Lay one on top of the other.  See what they really look like next to each other.  Maybe the color you thought you’d like the most is no longer at the top of your list.  Also grab a nice cream or white that is similar to your wedding dress.  You’ll be the focus so make sure the wedding colors look great with your dress.

Get your man in on the act and ask him to hand you a few of his favorites.

Luckily the paint chips are free so feel free to take a handful of them home.  But save some for the rest of us!

Take the paint chips home, set them out on the counter and live with them for a day or two.  Make sure you like them because you’ll have to live with them for the rest of your life (dun…dun…dun…dramatic music).  Weddings are all about life long decisions.  No pressure though.

I’m not a design expert by any means but my general rule of thumb is the simpler the better.  Don’t choose 15 different wedding colors and then stress about how to fit them in and make them look good.  You only have so many elements in your wedding and eyes will need resting points.  Your reception venue should not look like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams got in a drunken bar fight and then fled the scene.  Less is more.  Pick 2 or three wedding colors that look good to you and don’t make your eyes cross.

Now you may be saying, “Julie, don’t you know that there are wedding websites that can generate color schemes for you?”  Obviously I know that.  I’m a wedding stalker.  Sometimes there’s just something nice about holding the actual color in your hand.  It’s so old-school.  Like taking notes on a piece of paper – with an actual pencil.  Yes kids….that’s what we used to do in the olden days.  Also holding the paint chips in your hand gets rid of the chance of your computer/phone/tablet monitor jacking up the color.  Colors can look totally different on computer screens.

I think that the biggest benefit to having the paint chips in hand is that you can put them in your purse and pull them out any time you need to do a little comparison shopping.  Does that chair sash really match the color that you’re looking for?  What was that accent color that you wanted to use in the centerpieces again?  Paint chips save the day!

Here’s a snapshot of the paint chips that I’ve been lugging around since last October.  I’m basing my color scheme around navy blue and using pops of brown, yellow and green.  The paint chips have been invaluable and have been with me at every turn of the planning process.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see some comments on what wedding colors you’ve chosen for your big day!  I hope this little tip helps you out even if you think your already set on your color scheme.  Where are you using pops of color?

Have a colorful day!




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